In a significant stride towards refining the replication process, the OSR-Coop Project celebrates its first replication testing session. Hosted by the member Coopérnico on 19 January 2024, the workshop marked a pivotal moment kickstarting the project's replication journey. The project partners were welcomed by Coopérnico with enthusiasm and eagerness, contributing to a productive day and successful knowledge-sharing focused on citizen-led renovation One Stop Shops.

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Founded in 2013 by 16 citizens, today Coopérnico has grown into one of the most successful energy cooperatives in Portugal. Their mission is to create a new energy paradigm in Portugal, one that’s socially just, renewable, and sustainable. In the last years, Coopérnico got interested in citizen-led renovation by investigating ways of expanding their offering in that area. Their venture into citizen-led renovation naturally led to close collaboration with the OSR-Coop project partners, facilitated through regular communication and participation in research and events, including the CLR working group within the framework.

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To deepen collaboration on mutual benefit, the project partners chose to organise the first replication testing session with Coopérnico. Accepting the invitation to be hosted in Lisbon, the Portuguese colleagues provided a warm welcome to all the project partners. The energy cooperatives Energent, EcoVision (formerly ECTC), and Les7Vents, eagerly shared insights into their citizen-led renovation One Stop Shops models, while and SNAP facilitated, monitored, and evaluated the workshop. The session not only provided an opportunity to discuss and answer questions from the Portuguese colleagues, but also served as a platform for technical knowledge exchange and practical testing for future replication workshops.

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The replication testing session with Coopérnico offered a valuable space for participants to delve into the intricacies of energy-efficient and citizen-led renovation services, offered as One Stop Shop models. Attendees seized the chance to learn, share, and engage in discussions that will undoubtedly shape the future of the OSR-Coop Project's upcoming educational materials. The testing session was a crucial step toward understanding the needs of potential replicators and assessing the project’s readiness for future endeavors. It also allowed the partners to strategically focus on areas that require more attention in upcoming replication sessions.

20240119 120535

The OSR-Coop Project extends its gratitude to SNAP! Partners and Coopérnico for organising the workshop and facilitating the time in Portugal for all project partners, coupled with a productive project meeting. The active participation and enthusiasm of everyone involved made the time in Lisbon a success, setting a positive tone for an exciting year ahead for the OSR-Coop Project. As the project continues to unfold, stay tuned and follow the journey of the OSR-Coop Project. With a successful first replication testing session completed, the project is now poised for an impactful year filled with activities.

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