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The “One Stop Renovation Co-op” LIFE Project ("OSR-Coop Project") brings together frontrunner cooperatives that are already deploying home renovation services at the local level, in a variety of contexts and geographical areas. Les7Vents is an energy cooperative from Normandy in France, ECTC has its operations in Ireland, while Energent is a cooperative from Belgium. SNAP! Partners is the coordinator of the project, while is the partner that takes leadership in the activities under communication, dissemination, and replication of the project's results. Additionally, People Powered Retrofit from the UK is the cooperative providing supporting services to the project's activities.

In their current renovation services, the energy cooperatives involve and coordinate actors throughout the value chain, including energy advisors, architects, renovation practitioners, contractors, and ICT software engineers. However, their current services limit them to single interventions or they have no specific target group, and in most cases still depend on public support, both financially and practically. In order to find solutions for improvement and integration of these services into one-stop-shops (OSS), the OSR-Coop Project works on the identification of best cooperative practices in the areas of service actions, customer journey, ICT and data development, and business models. Then it will incorporate these best practices into financially viable and cooperatively run integrated renovation services, with a focus on deep renovation.

Through community social marketing, citizen-led energy cooperatives can leverage the greater levels of household trust necessary to undertake deep renovation activity. The involvement of provides a European-wide network of energy cooperatives, all with the organizational capacity to replicate the integrated service models and one-stop shops, spreading the collective citizen-led renovation wave in their local communities as well.

Our partners

SNAP! Solutions

Founded in 2017, SNAP! Solutions is a boutique innovation consultancy company based in Lisbon, Portugal. They are specialized in accelerating and funding the development of disruptive innovation on an international scale. Since its inception, SNAP! has accumulated vast knowledge and experience.

Currently, they support a number of cutting-edge start-ups and SMEs in Portugal, the UK, and Belgium, in various areas of work. Being specialised in project management and lean consortium coordination, SNAP! has the role of the coordinating partner of the OSR-Coop Project, in charge of the overall management of the project.

Snap logo is the European Federation of Citizen Energy Cooperatives, formally founded in 2013 in Belgium, with offices in Brussels and Antwerp. It is a growing network of around 2,000 European REScoops and their 1,250,000 citizens.

Through, the members wish to make their voices heard in the European energy debate. Citizens after all are the ones who will be paying for the transition to a more sustainable energy system. As a representative member-based association, aims to empower citizens and communities with the aim of achieving energy democracy.

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Energent is a citizens' energy cooperative initiated in the city of Ghent in 2013. Since then, it has grown to be present and active in the entire Belgian region of East Flanders. Energent fully endorses the 7 principles of the International Cooperative Alliance, having socio-ecological goals, a transparent structure, and direct citizen participation.

Energent invests in renewable energy generation and provides renovation services for the residential sector. Some of the services they offer include residential PV installations, group purchases, and coaching on energy efficiency measures. They are one of the technical cooperative partners of the OSR-Coop Project, working closely with other energy cooperatives as well.



Les7Vents is a not-for-profit and cooperative SME from Normandy, France, with a model of operations similar to those of the energy agencies. Since its beginning in 1998, more than 50 000 people have been directly impacted by Les7Vents public services focused on energy advising and information sharing to individuals and households.

Through their consultancy work, over 200 companies and public bodies have been supported towards energy transition and sustainable living modes. Within the OSR-Coop Project, Les7Vents is one of the technical cooperative partners and a leader of the work package 4 which is aimed at testing and supporting the implementation of deep renovation projects.

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Energy Communities Tipperary Cooperative (ECTC)

Energy Communities Tipperary Cooperative CLG (ECTC) is a community-led, home insulation upgrade and renovation organisation. ECTC’s mission is to allow communities in Co. Tipperary and surrounding areas to create local employment and community benefit by reducing their carbon footprint and generating community-owned energy.

Since 2012, ECTC and its member communities have upgraded over 900 homes, 45 Community and Commercial buildings, and secured over €12 million in investment for Tipperary and surrounding counties - with funding from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland as well. All are presided over by a volunteer board of community directors, embracing the cooperative values in full.