The OSR-Coop Project aims to gain a comprehensive understanding of the concept of One-Stop Shop (OSS) in the context of citizen-led renovations (CLR), which have been focal points of's (the European federation of citizen energy cooperatives) endeavors for quite some time.

The CLR concept, viewed through the lens of energy cooperatives and energy communities, has evolved from the diligent efforts of's citizen-led renovation working group and other related projects. Therefore, the OSR-Coop project not only benefits from the valuable insights of partner cooperatives, which form an integral part of the project, but also draws upon the extensive groundwork and foundations that were laid even before its inception.

The concept

Citizen-led renovation can encompass different renovation and energy efficiency activities, ranging from performing energy audits and providing information to taking care of the complete renovation process from planning and financing to delivery (a 'one-stop shop' service). Although the offered services differ between cooperatives, they all share a few common traits:

  • Citizens are involved in the renovation process and governance of the initiative;
  • Cooperatives act as a trusted partner;
  • The development of local businesses and the skills of the people involved is supported;
  • Solutions are adapted to local conditions.

In doing so, local networks and partnerships are created, bringing together both government and relevant actors – from contractors to community groups – driving the development of a sustainable renovation strategy for the community.

Inspirational examples

Energy Communities Tipperary Cooperative CLG (Ireland)

Energy Communities Tipperary Cooperative is a community-led organization focused on home insulation upgrades and retrofitting in County Tipperary, Ireland. As a designated Sustainable Energy Community (SEC) by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI), Energy Communities Tipperary Cooperative aims to drive local development and benefit through citizen-led renovation.

The approach includes providing a One-Stop-Shop service, streamlining the process for homeowners to access grant aid, find contractors, and oversee projects. With funding from SEAI and strong partnerships with regional energy agencies, community development companies, and Credit Unions, the cooperative enables the people of Tipperary to enhance their homes and lives.

Energy Communities Tipperary Cooperative has helped alleviate energy poverty in their region

People Powered Retrofit (UK)

People Power Retrofit is a not-for-profit service focused on home retrofitting in the city of Manchester. People Power Retrofit empowers homeowners to enhance their properties through energy-efficient upgrades and retrofits. Their goal is to make the process as seamless as possible for residents by offering a comprehensive One-Stop Shop service.

This service not only provides access to grants and financial support but also connects homeowners with reliable contractors and oversees the entire retrofitting process. In collaboration with local authorities, energy agencies, and the energy cooperative Carbon Co-op, People Power Retrofit leverages available resources and funding to bring their vision to life.

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Les7vents (France)

Les7vents is a cooperative society in France, dedicated to offering renovation services. The organization is driven by a profound passion for empowering individuals and communities to create sustainable and energy-efficient homes.

Les7vents offers a comprehensive One-Stop-Shop service, which streamlines the entire renovation process. From initial consultations to contractor sourcing and project oversight, Les7vents is committed to guiding and supporting clients at every stage.

Les7vents actively collaborates with local partners, energy agencies, and authorities to secure funding and resources for projects. This ensures that the journey towards energy efficiency is accessible and affordable for everyone in the community.

New member template web Les7 Vents

Energent (Belgium)

Energent is a cooperative that - next to its renewable energy production investments, offers energy-efficiency and renovation solutions. With the "Wijkwerf" project as one of their most significant renovation endowers, Energent offered collective renovation at the neighborhood level.

Since its inception in 2015, Energent has already organized 11 neighborhood renovation projects, ensuring a hassle-free experience for homeowners in refurbishing their homes. Today, they focus on providing comprehensive support to residents throughout the renovation process, from start to finish.